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Complete Yaeger CPA Review

Yaeger CPA Review is one of the pioneering courses with more than 40 years of history improving the CPA scores of its students.

Phil Yaeger teaches concepts and skills based on the official AICPA CPA Exam Blueprints, rather than memorization techniques.

This traditional method focuses on understanding and application of CPA concepts and will help you do better on the exam and in your professional accounting career after that.

Affiliate Note: We have an affiliate relationship with all products reviewed on this page. If you make a purchase through one of our links we will be paid a commission. This is done at no additional cost to you – in fact, we work hard to get you the best discounts possible for each course. See our full affiliate disclosure here.

The Yaeger CPA Review has helped people pass the CPA exam for more than 40 years. Founded by Phil Yaeger—who is also the course’s lead instructor—Yaeger stands apart from other companies for a few reasons. In addition to standard fare video lectures, test bank with practice questions, and task-based simulations, CPA candidates will benefit from one-on-one coaching and flexible payment plans.

The Yaeger CPA review course specializes in accommodating every person with an individualized approach to each learning style. They provide a range of options, from cram courses to fast-track learning.

Most important of all, Yaeger CPA has designed its study materials around the official CPA Exam Blueprints by AICPA.

This article will help you understand the features of the Yaeger CPA Review to decide if it is the right course for you.

Yaeger CPA Course Pros and Cons

Because of its long history in the industry, Yaeger has many reviews from students who have passed the CPA exam. Their online reviews praise them for being highly accessible and responsive to student needs and feedback. Customers say that they are happy because the Yaeger CPA Review offered:

  • Video calls with CPA coaches
  • Personal support and follow-up
  • Good coverage of the materials
  • Study materials synched to the official CPA Exam Blueprints by AICPA
  • Entertaining videos
  • Easy to set up
  • Highly responsive customer service and tech help
  • A simple online portal
  • The ability to speed up lectures

Yaeger also provides unique resources, like an audio bundle that teaches students how to deal with the stress of taking the exam.

These are the pros and cons of the Yaeger CPA Review course:

Yaeger CPA Pros

  • Free trial
  • AICPA Blueprint integration
  • Excellent audio CPA review
  • Video lectures
  • Cram course and audio lectures
  • Competitive pricing
  • Large test bank

Yaeger CPA Cons

  • Expiration date
  • Traditional teaching

Pros for Yaeger CPA Course

Free trial

You can get a free assessment for the Yaeger CPA Review that will give you access to exam simulation questions and some study materials. This and the free trial will give you a feel for the course materials and the online portal where you will study for the test. Your score can be compared to other students. The way you score on the free assessment will provide recommendations for the products you should purchase.

AICPA Blueprint integration

Yaeger CPA is the only review course that has built its training materials around the AICPA Exam Blueprints. The blueprints are the official roadmap of skills and concepts that will be tested during the exam. Having them as the core of all study materials guarantees you’re being prepared according to the exact requirements of the organization that creates and governs the test.

One-on-one instructor support

The Yaeger CPA Exam offers a mentor bundle. This mentorship program pairs an accounting professional with people who are studying for the CPA exam. Students have great access in video and digital messaging with their mentor. Additionally, instructors are available for students to ask questions or video chat. This provides a helpful layer of support to get questions answered and enhance the intensive studying process.

Video lectures

Phil Yaeger is the primary lecturer in the extensive video materials. The Yaeger CPA Review has other instructors as well. You can demo their video clips online. Students of the program say that the style of video is humorous and engaging. Video materials integrate with the rest of the course material—including audio lectures and text-based resources—for a diverse learning experience.

Cram course and audio lectures

The Yaeger CPA Review cram courses are jam-packed with quality information to help you quickly learn what you need to know. You can purchase cram courses for each of the four sections of the CPA exam and access them for six months after purchase. With the cram course, you will get digital textbooks. The audio lectures are also a key selling feature of the Yaeger CPA Review. They feature unlimited access and can be downloaded on computers and mobile devices. They may be purchased individually or as a set.

Competitive pricing

One of the most standout features of the Yaeger CPA Review is their financing options. There are several ways to purchase the courses. You can purchase each category individually or as a four-part set. You can make a single payment or get on a payment plan with a one-time deposit and zero interest. Unlike most competitors, Yaeger also offers a subscription plan that auto-renews and will continue with unlimited access for as long as you pay. These options allow flexibility for budget-conscious students

Large test bank

The Yaeger CPA Review has a competitive number of multiple choice questions in its test bank. There are about 5,300 questions and task-based simulations combined. This is on par with other top CPA courses, and provides more than enough opportunities to practice what you will experience in the real CPA exam.

Cons for Yaeger CPA Course

Expiration date

Some purchasing packages for the Yaeger CPA Review expire after 24 months. One of the Yaeger CPA review complaints is that, after this time, students will have to pay a fee for continued access. This is called an update fee and Yaeger says it is in place to offset the ongoing cost of updated course materials. People who choose this program because of its flexible and affordable financing may consider it a con that they don’t get unlimited access for a longer time.

Traditional teaching

Phil Yaeger started the Yaeger CPA Review in 1977. Originally, it was a traditional class with 13, in-person students. The classic teaching style that is both informal and direct has continued. Both with Yaeger himself and with the other course instructors, students will get a classroom style course experience. This includes less of an emphasis on graphics and lecture-based instruction. This may be a con for some viewers who prefer a fast-paced, modern learning experience.

Yaeger CPA Review Pass Rate

There is limited information for pass rates for the Yaeger CPA Review. Some posts on their social pages claim an 88% pass rate. They claim to have 30-40% higher rates than the standard CPA pass rates. None of these claims are featured on their website or explained. Customer reviews from previous students do indicate a high level of success on the exam after studying with the Yaeger CPA Review.

Who is this course best for?

The online reviews for the Yaeger CPA course describe students from a variety of walks of life. Because of financing and subscription options, the course is more accessible than others.

Customers describe themselves as:

  • Busy professionals who work full-time
  • Parents with children
  • People who are re-taking the exam
  • Students who need to focus on individual course sections

The Yaeger CPA Review might be right for you if you have been out of school for a while and want a thorough course that gives you extensive info and practice. It is also helpful for people who have budgetary constraints and need flexible financing.

Yaeger CPA Course Format

The Yaeger CPA Review provides one of the most flexible formats of any CPA exam review course. There are many candidate resources that guide you through how to best use the materials.

Resources include an engaged “Team Yaeger,” which is an international, online community of people who are taking the course. This supportive forum helps you get to know instructors and connect with other students.

Whether you are taking an individual section or the full course, with Yaeger, CPA candidates will get access to a thorough program that prepares you for the CPA exam. Here are some of the key features of the Yaeger CPA Review.

AICPA blueprint integration

Yaeger CPA is the only exam prep company that fully integrates the AICPA Blueprints and has designed its courses and study materials around the official guidelines.

Yaeger claims 35% of CPA candidates are not aware of the official AICPA Blueprints which list in detail all the concepts, methods, and skills that will be tested on the actual exam. As a result, many students resort to memorization and thousands of multiple-choice questions to prepare for the exam.

This is the #1 reason CPA candidates fail to pass the exam.

 Focusing on the actual CPA concepts and problem-solving required by the AICPA will give you the best chance of success - both on the exam and in your career.

There are four sections to the CPA exam:

  • Auditing and Attestation (AUD)
  • Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)
  • Regulation (REG)

Perhaps more than any other review program, the Yaeger CPA Review laser focuses on each of these four sections. As each section of the actual CPA exam is updated, Yaeger updates its multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations as well. This means that the content you learn will be the most relevant for the exam.

As a supplement to printed textbooks and a source of general information, Yaeger has a download on their website that will provide info on the quarterly changes to the CPA exam. This information should take authority over older info in the printed texts. Digital textbooks should be updated with downloadable supplements.

Electronic flashcards

One important element of the Yaeger CPA mobile interface is the digital flashcards. These come with the purchased packages or are available to buy separately. Once purchased, students can use the AdaptaPASS portal to get their flashcards. Electronic flashcards are useful because:

  • They are configured for easy viewing on any kind of screen, including mobile devices
  • Flashcards cover all four parts of the CPA exam
  • Cards can be flagged for later review, creating custom banks to strengthen areas of weakness
  • There are 1,996 flashcards
  • Flashcards are updated to reflect the latest AICPA blueprint

Yaeger quiz engine

Yaeger CPA Review has a test bank and quiz engine with 5,300 practice questions. The quiz engine coordinates with the test simulator. This is included in packages but can also be purchased independently. Both of these features are accessible through the student portal.

The benefit of the quiz engine is a completely customized study experience. In advance, students can configure the quiz engine in numerous ways:

  • Select topic and subcategories to cover
  • Set a number of questions
  • Create a time limit

Quizzes are stored in the database for later review. The most useful custom quizzes can be bookmarked for easy access. After each quiz, users will see detailed scoring that helps them learn the right answers and study more effectively.

Task-based simulations

Task-based simulations (TSBs) are helpful in practice and will be a part of the CPA exam. These are scenarios that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Practicing these questions and answers is a vital component to your studies.

The Yaeger CPA Review quiz generator will populate TSBs. You will receive immediate feedback about your answer, helping you adjust strategy and learn from your mistakes. The system has over 150 TSBs, with new ones being developed all of the time. Students can practice all of the TSBs as many times as they want.

CPA practice exams

The Yaeger CPA Review allows unlimited exam practice. Exam simulators accompany each portion of the CPA exam study materials. Exams are generated with different questions each time, for a rich and varied practice experience. Previous attempts are viewable, so you can identify trends and address weak areas.

The Yaeger exam simulator is set up to mimic the real CPA exam. The page layout and tools look like the real test. If you have issues with specific questions, you can flag them for later review. A calculator tool is also available in the exam simulator. Student results in the exam simulator will create a chart, so you can see your performances compared to each other.

Video lectures

The Yaeger CPA Review video library has 509 videos, plus 200 in the cram course. Videos consist of lectures from Phil Yaeger himself and a team of qualified instructors.

These experts use a traditional classroom style—complete with a whiteboard in many instances—to communicate the course content. The content is broken into easily digestible 15-minute lessons, so it’s an engaging way to learn.

Covering each individual section of the exam, these videos are the backbone of the course materials. Textbooks and digital flashcards correspond with video lecture content.

Customer support

Yaeger CPA Review customer feedback indicates a high level of satisfaction with customer support. There is easy, online access both to course instructors and a help desk. This ensures that any technical or program-related questions can be answered quickly. Yaeger offers many one-on-one support features as well as a coach hotline with certain subscriptions and packages.

Yaeger CPA Review Course Subscription Comparison

The unique purchasing options are one standout aspect of the Yaeger CPA Review. Users can select to buy individual courses or in bundles. Single payments, payment plans, and subscription plans are available.

Each of the packages come with videos, online textbooks, downloadable textbooks, and a custom study planner.

Here is a summary of the ways you can purchase Yaeger CPA Review courses.

  • First, you can purchase single courses or the four-part bundle, either with a one-time payment or financed in installments.
  • Second, you can sign up for one of three subscription plans.
  • Third, you can purchase individual course materials, separate from a larger purchase.

These charts provide more information for those three options.

Individual Course: $337

The same content is supplied whether you purchase the course in individual sections or as a four part bundle. You will receive:

Over 120 hours of video lectures

PDF textbooks for download

Audio Listen ‘n’ Learn lectures.

A final review cram course

Multiple choice questions

Customer support

Quiz generator test bank with 5,300 questions

Exam simulator test bank

Digital flashcards

Access for 6 months. 1-year extension $99 (if needed)

Yaeger is one of the only CPA exam prep courses that offers a subscription service. There are three options that you can buy. Here is what they are and what they include:









Video  Courses

Online Textbooks

Print Textbooks

($25/each for shipping)

All Training, Test Bank, Quizzes, Materials

Team Yaeger Community

Two Calls With Founder Phil Yaeger

15-minute personal study plan setup
+ 15-minute progress review

15-minute personal study plan setup
+ 30-minute progress review

30-minute personal study plan setup
+ 30-minute progress review

Digital Flashcards

Customized Study Planner

Mobile App

Downloadable Video Lectures

Downloadable Audio Lectures

One-on-One Instructor Hotline

Cram Courses


Affiliate Note: We have an affiliate relationship with all products reviewed on this page. If you make a purchase through one of our links we will be paid a commission. This is done at no additional cost to you – in fact, we work hard to get you the best discounts possible for each course. See our full affiliate disclosure here.

Live Virtual Interactive CPA Prep Classes

Yaeger CPA is the first and only review course to offer live virtual interactive sessions over Zoom.

Attendants can ask their questions live and the instructors will answer them in front of the class. Participants are limited to 50 people, so each one has the opportunity to ask questions and receive a thorough reply.

Classes are two hours long, held on Thursdays, and cost $75 to reserve a spot. CPA candidates are required to have all associated study materials in order to follow along with the assigned topic for the particular class.

Book your spot on the next Yaeger CPA Live Virtual Interactive Class

Yaeger CPA Course Discounts

The Yaeger CPA Review is one of the lowest-priced options on the market. Between an initial low cost and subscription plans, many students may find it very affordable. In addition to competitively priced products, you may also find a Yaeger CPA discount code. Yaeger’s website has an online form for exam discount inquiries.

Is Yaeger CPA Review good?

Our final review is that the Yaeger CPA Review is a great option if affordability is a high priority to you. It has comprehensive exam prep materials that will help you get ready to take the CPA test. An engaged, online community and easy access to instructors and experts provide a social component to your studying. This may be essential if you need help staying engaged and on course.

Yaeger is a company or review course that has been helping students for over four decades. Their experienced instructors and qualified coaches know how to help each student. Customized study materials and interactive digital content mean that this an easy course to take. The Yaeger CPA Review will help many people pass the CPA exam.

Note: Our partners compensate us for CPA exam course reviews. We will feature every test prep in an effort to give you thorough information as you decide what you need to help you in your studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Yaeger CPA Review is a flexible, affordable option for many students. It has thorough, regularly updated materials. In addition to the information in this review, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Is Yaeger CPA good?

The Yaeger CPA Review has many attractive elements. These include:

  • Affordable pricing and financing options
  • Subscription plans
  • Exam simulations and multiple-choice test banks
  • Task-based simulations (TSBs) for practice
  • Digital and print textbooks
  • Engaging video lectures
  • Traditional instruction style
  • Access to instructors and CPA exam coaches
  • An online forum to connect with other students

Does Yaeger CPA expire?

Various Yaeger CPA Review packages will expire. Subscription plans ensure that you have access to the course materials for as long as your subscription is active.

Who is Phil Yaeger?

Phil Yaeger is a CPA and professional instructor. His philosophy is to teach concepts rather than sheer memorization. Yaeger believes that this approach will empower students to apply ideas, rather than just restate information. He is a classic teacher, utilizing a classroom style of communication and instruction. His CPA review courses have helped thousands of students pass the CPA exam.

How much is Yaeger CPA review?

The Yaeger CPA Review is very affordable. You can buy individual course sections for $349 each or the four-part bundle for $1199. Subscription plans are available for $89, $119, or $149 a month. Two year unlimited access is available for the $1599 plan, with yearly extension costing $99 per part.

Yaeger vs. Roger: which one is the better CPA review course?

When you compare the Yaeger CPA Review among its competitors, it is one of the most affordable on the market. Comparing Yaeger vs. Roger, each excels in different areas. You can find more details in our comparison of Roger vs. Yeager.


Yaeger CPA

Roger CPA





18-24 months

24 months or Unlimited

Test bank









Offline availability

Only audio lectures are downloadable for offline use.

Only audio lectures are downloadable for offline use.