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Best CPA Prep Courses

Read our full comparison and choose the best CPA prep course for your needs.

Affiliate Note: We have an affiliate relationship with all products reviewed on this page. If you make a purchase through one of our links we will be paid a commission. This is done at no additional cost to you – in fact, we work hard to get you the best discounts possible for each course. See our full affiliate disclosure here.

The most popular CPA review courses

Not all CPA review courses are created equal. Each course is built with a specific user experience in mind. Some have unique approaches to learning. Others are designed to fast-track your efforts to study for the CPA exam.

While all CPA prep courses have the same ultimate intent—to help you pass the CPA exam—there are some differences you need to know about. These differences include things like user interfaces, lecture materials and study guides. If you want to be sure that you are choosing the right CPA study material and CPA exam prep, read this article.

You will learn about five of the best CPA review courses, see exactly what they offer compared to one another, and be able to pick the one with the features that best support your CPA preparation.

The criteria described here will help you cut through all of the promises and pitches to really determine how to study for the CPA exam and pass it.

When it comes to choosing one of the CPA exam review courses, you have many options. These range in quality, expertise, and popularity.

The CPA exam cost isn't cheap. You'll want to pass on your first try, if possible. A review course is a great way to make that happen.

Here’s a comprehensive list of CPA review courses:

  • Surgent CPA Review Course
  • Yaeger CPA Review Course
  • Roger CPA Review Course
  • Wiley CPAexcel Review Course
  • Gleim CPA Review Course
  • Lambers CPA Review Course
  • MDS CPA Review Course
  • Lambers CPA Review Course
  • Becker CPA Review Course
  • Fast Forward Academy CPA Review Course

Additionally, many colleges and universities offer courses of study to help CPA candidates prepare for the exam. Many of these can be taken online and some can be taken by non-students.

If you search for “CPA classes near me,” you may find one of these local in-person CPA reviews offers.

The Top 5 best CPA Prep Courses and Study Materials Comparison

There are five, top-rated CPA prep courses. These are:

Each course has unique features that may stand out to you, depending on your learning style, budget, and preferences.

To give you everything you need to make a smart and informed decision, we've also rated and selected the best CPA review materials by category.

Click a link below to skip straight to any category:

Here is a comparison chart of the five courses, so you can see at a glance which one has everything you need for your CPA exam prep.

surgent cpa logo
Surgent CPA
yaeger cpa review logo
Yaeger CPA
roger cpa logo
Roger CPA
gleim logo
Gleim CPA






Best feature

A.S.A.P. Adaptive™ learning technology uses algorithms to assess students' current knowledge, tailoring content delivery.

Mentorship program and specific one-on-one support. Students can interact with instructors via video chats and phone calls.

Effective, classroom-style lectures and learning. Memorization strategies and mnemonic techniques.

Huge multiple-choice question bank to simulate virtually anything that may arise during the CPA exam test sections.

Price range

$999 - $1,999

Financing is available.


Individual sections at $337/each. 


Using Roger's special discount codes. 

Individual sections at $499 each.

Financing is available.


The test bank at $999.

Financing is available.


25% discount for government employees, military, and veterans.  Additional discounts here.

Lowest priced on the market. For discount inquiries, you can visit their website.

Discount for students switching to the program, and other offers can be found on their website.

Discounts can be found on their website, and are available for college students.

Best for

If you are a busy professional or a student with limited time, this course is meant to perform in a short timeline.

Most affordable. Works well for busy professionals, parents, people re-taking the exam, students lacking individual sections.

Engaging study materials. If you get bored easily or need an efficient path to success, Roger could be a good fit for you.

Students taking the test for the first time, accounting professionals who want to upgrade, and working professionals.

Free trial

Multiple choice 










Included in the number of MCQs.


Video lectures

Over 350 videos

120+ hours

100+ hours

100+ hours



Financing available with affirm.

Financing and subscriptions available.

Financing available with affirm.

Financing available with affirm.


Contact form
Phone number
Direct email

Phone number
Direct email

Help center
Direct email

Direct email
Call-back service
Question/comment boards

Unlimited access

Final review

crash course

Mobile app


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Surgent CPA

surgent cpa logo

Rank :


Overall Rating:

Best for its:

CPA Review

mobile app

Our #1 Rated and Recommended CPA Prep Course

When you need to prepare to pass the CPA exam on a short deadline, Surgent CPA Review is an effective solution . Surgent offers complete customization and unparalleled efficiency, so you can focus your limited study time on areas that will help you the most.

Surgent has been a leader in CPA coaching since 2013, with high-caliber instructors and CPA exam experts. Along with AI software, predictive scoring, and detailed reports, Surgent CPA Review offers a high-tech, personalized approach -- one that yields great results.

This is the only course on the market that tracks student success and estimates that their students can prepare for the CPA exam in an average of 46 hours -- that’s 80% faster than other courses.

Surgent CPA Review Course In Detail: Pros and Cons

Surgent Pros

  • Unlimited access to updated materials with no expiration
  • Cram course study included
  • A.S.A.P. technology™ Adaptive Learning
  • MyMCQ customization of test bank
  • Framework for practicing task-based simulations
  • Audio content
  • Customizable study notes

Surgent Cons

  • Audio lectures only come with the most expensive package (and can’t be purchased separately)
  • No offline access
  • Free trial is only five days long

Surgent Details

  • The integrated multiple choice question bank will customize the content that is delivered to you, making your study more efficient and effective.
  • Each user can create a customized learning plan that supports individual progress.
  • Flashcards and textbooks are available both as physical, printed materials and digital content.
  • ReadySCORE will measure your performance and let you know when you are ready to sit for the actual exam.

Who is this course most suitable for?

surgent cpa recommendations

Because of the A.S.A.P. technology™ and ReadySCORE features, Surgent CPA Review can predict student readiness with remarkable accuracy. This means that during the whole course of study, students will be able to estimate their readiness.

These factors make the Surgent CPA Review the best course for people who have extremely limited time. It offers a quick targeted way to study that most efficiently prepares users for the CPA exam.

If you would like to learn more before deciding, then check out our comprehensive Surgent CPA Course Review!

Are You Ready to Get Started With Our #1 Rated CPA Course - Surgent CPA?

Yaeger CPA

yaeger logo

Rank :


Overall Rating:

Best for its:

1. Cram Course

2. AICPA Blueprint Integration

3. Final Review Materials

4. Budget CPA Prep Course

Built with the AICPA Blueprints and refined with over 42+ years of experience

The Yaeger CPA Review has helped people pass the CPA exam for more than 40 years. Founded by Phil Yaeger—who is also the course’s lead instructor—Yaeger stands apart from other companies for a few reasons.

Yaeger focuses on teaching concepts, critical thinking, and applied problem-solving, instead of hardcore memorization and a blinding amount of multiple-choice tests. This is in line with the CPA Exam Blueprints published by the AICPA which detail the exact topics that will be tested on the exam.

In addition to standard fare video lectures, a test bank of practice questions, and task-based simulations, people studying for the CPA exam will benefit from one-on-one coaching and flexible payment plans.

The Yaeger CPA review course specializes in accommodating every person with an individualized approach to each learning style. They provide cram courses to fast-track learning.

With that said, let's now get into the details of the course and see how it can get you more prepared for the CPA exam.

Yaeger CPA Review Course in Detail: Pros and Cons

Yaeger Pros

  • A mentorship program is available from an accounting professional
  • Cram course materials provide an accelerated version of the course materials
  • Full integration of the official CPA Exam Blueprints by the AICPA
  • The only live virtual interactive CPA prep class, where each student can ask questions
  • Unlimited access and a variety of purchasing options for audio lectures
  • Competitive pricing
  • Subscription plan
  • Yaeger quiz engine
  • CPA practice exams

Yaeger Cons

  • Certain packages expire after 18 months
  • Some students dislike the traditional classroom style of instruction
  • Cram courses expire after six months
  • Smaller test bank

Yaeger Details

  • Yaeger offers video calls with CPA coaches, who can help students with questions and give study plan advice.
  • Yaeger has a simple, online portal with an easy graphic interface that students find very intuitive.
  • Lectures can be sped up if you wish to progress through the content at a faster pace.
  • There are numerous additional resources, like advice on how to deal with stress or prepare for the day of the CPA exam.
  • All Yaeger CPA study materials are designed around the official AICPA Blueprints, giving you the most direct prep according to the exam requirements

Who is this course most suitable for?

The online reviews for the Yaeger CPA course describe students from a variety of walks of life. Because of financing and subscription options, the course is more accessible than others.

Customers describe themselves as:

  • Busy professionals who work fulltime
  • Parents with children
  • People who are re-taking the exam
  • Students who need to focus on individual course sections

Yaeger CPA Review might be right for you if you have been out of school for a while and want a thorough course that gives you extensive information and practice.

It’s also helpful for people who have budgetary constraints and need flexible financing.

Start Your Personalized Learning Experience With Yaeger CPA Review!

Roger CPA

roger logo

Rank :


Overall Rating:

Best for its:

Study flashcards

Pass the exam 3X faster with SmartPath™

Roger CPA Review claims to have a 91% pass rate. Student reviews seem to back up this claim, indicating a high level of success with the CPA exam.

The expert angle of this course comes down to pedagogy. Roger’s approach is to help students think critically about the concepts, questions, and simulations they will encounter in the CPA exam.

By addressing the concepts—rather than just drilling facts—Roger believes that students will be empowered to perform well on the CPA test.

Additionally, Roger CPA Review has high marks in customer feedback for being engaging and entertaining.

Filmed by Roger himself, many of the videos are fast-paced and interesting to watch. Here is some more specific information about what you get with the Roger CPA Review course.

Roger CPA Review Course in Detail: Pros and Cons

With that said, let's now get into the details of the course and see how it can get you more prepared for the CPA exam.

Roger Pros

  • Entertaining video content
  • Audio content
  • Memorization strategies and mnemonic training
  • Discount for students
  • SmartPath Predictive Technology™
  • CPA exam simulator with full-length practice tests
  • Homework help center

Roger Cons

  • Time limitation: Access ends after 12 or 18 months. There’s an additional cost to extend access.
  • Only offline availability requires USB or manual download
  • Issues with software functionality

Roger Details

  • Roger also offers a bonus cram course for each CPA exam section.
  • Customizable study planners are available that allow you to adjust dates and set up a planned course of study for three, six, or nine months.
  • Multiple-choice questions, task-based simulations, CPA books, and PDF supplements to physical textbooks are all regularly updated.

Who is this course most suitable for?

pass your exam with roger cpa review

People who want something interesting and engaging, or who get bored easily, will benefit from the fast pace of the Roger CPA Review.

The video lectures are a dynamic and engaging way to learn. If you prefer audio materials, Roger offers a significant quantity of audio files for download.

For less academically-oriented students who need an effective study tool, the Roger CPA review might be the right choice.

If you'd like to dive deeper and learn more, then make sure to check out our comprehensive review of the Roger CPA Prep Course.

It's Your Turn to Pass the Exam 3x Faster with Roger

Gleim CPA

gleim cpa logo

Rank :


Overall Rating:

Best for its:

Test bank size

Over 1 Million CPA Exams Passed Using Gleim

The CPA exam is a challenging 4-part test that requires preparation. Gleim CPA Review has helped over a million people pass. With Gleim test prep, you will get access to practice questions, task-based simulations, and multimedia study aids.

This section covers the Gleim CPA Review course in more detail. If you want all the details, then make sure to check out our highly-detailed and complete review of the Gleim CPA course.

Gleim has an easy-to-use course format that can accommodate any user. One of their claims to fame is their SmartAdaptⓇ Guided Review process. This includes simulations with exhibits, all of their test bank questions, and more. There are many other ways the Gleim CPA course format is helpful for users.

Gleim CPA Review Course in Detail: Pros and Cons

Gleim Pros

  • One of the largest multiple choice test banks
  • Large number of task-based simulations
  • SmartAdaptⓇ Guided Review
  • CPA practice exams
  • CPA practice exams
  • Video and audio lectures
  • Visual navigation on a student dashboard

Gleim Cons

  • Overwhelming amount of information
  • Some say the video lectures are too long and detailed
  • No mobile app
  • No offline options

Gleim Details

  • A one-on-one personal counselor is available for assistance in creating and sticking to your personalized study plan.
  • Gleim customer support is known for responsive communication on both weekdays and weekends.
  • With a premium package, you get the Access Until You PassⓇ guarantee.
  • Interactive study planner can adjust dates and scheduling.

Who is this course most suitable for?

gleim cpa exam prep

The Gleim CPA review is a solid study program that will appeal to a variety of users. Its extensive test bank will ensure proficiency in all areas of the CPA exam.

The Gleim CPA exam program may be a good fit for:

  • Students taking the CPA exam for the first time
  • Accounting professionals who want to upgrade
  • People who need to retake the CPA exam after a failed attempt

Join the Millions Who Have Succeeded With Gleim!

Best CPA Exam Study Materials

(by category)

Each of these five CPA courses covers all four exam sections and can be previewed in a free trial.

Often, the CPA prep courses are compared one-to-one against each other. For example:

  • Surgent vs Roger
  • Gleim vs Surgent
  • Yaeger vs Roger

More than a “Becker CPA review,” this article is a universal CPA review of the most useful tools on the market.

Bottom line, accounting firms want qualified professionals who have excelled in their studies. As you prepare for the CPA exam, you may want a program that provides specific support in one area.

Here are the winners in each category. Read on to learn about the best CPA review programs for:

Best CPA Exam Test Bank

Gleim CPA Review has the largest bank of multiple-choice questions. Its bank of over 10,000 questions reflects the latest in the AICPA blueprint. This means that the questions will accurately prepare you for the questions you will encounter on the CPA exam. With so many questions, you will be exposed to everything the real test could throw at you.

In addition to practice questions, the CPA exam itself is made up of task-based simulations. In that area, also, Gleim has you covered.

Its program features over 1,300 task-based simulations, ensuring that you have the opportunity to practice an enormous variety of scenarios. Gleim lets you test out some of their multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations for free.

Get Started with Gleim CPA !

Gleim CPA has the largest test bank to help you practice for the CPA exam.

Best CPA Exam Study Flashcards

Roger CPA Review has the most targeted approach to memorization. With this, its digital flashcards are configured in a way that optimizes retention. While all of the courses have flashcards, the Roger CPA review allows you to customize and group flashcards.

This means that, as you use the flashcards to memorize over 200 key terms, you can flag cards for the concepts you need to revisit.

By whittling down the body of knowledge you need to review during each study session, you can reduce the overall amount of time you need to study. Through this kind of targeting, students can maximize the impact of each study session.

Get Started with Roger CPA !

Roger CPA has the best study flashcards to help you study for the CPA exam.

Best CPA Review Mobile App

The Surgent CPA Review has some of the most progressive technology in the marketplace. Its algorithmic A.S.A.P. Technology™ gets you test-ready in less time. Part of this is due to its intuitive and user-friendly app.

The Surgent mobile app has:

  • Excellent graphics and icons
  • Reminders and integration with calendars
  • Numerical and graph-based progress reports
  • Colorful charts and checklists

Surgent has three customized elements that are responsible for accelerated study success:

App views and interactions are customizable, making it a useful and effective tool for studying.

Get Started with Surgent CPA !

Surgent CPA has the best mobile app, helping you study for the CPA exam on the go.

Best CPA Cram Course and Final Review Materials

Yaeger CPA Review is known for its cram course. These courses are $289 each and are available as a supplement for the final weeks of studying.

After an initial assessment, students are put on a fast-track to success with an intense course of study. This program eliminates extraneous content and focuses only on the key concepts that reflect the latest AICPA blueprint.

These cram courses are not only available to students who already use Yaeger but are perfect for people who underperformed in the CPA exam. Cram courses are accessible for six months and digital textbooks are included.

Get Started with Yaeger CPA !

Yaeger CPA has the best cram course and final review materials to prepare you for the CPA Exam!

Best CPA Exam Audio Lectures

The Yaeger CPA Review has Listen-n-Learn audio lectures. These are available for purchase outside of the packages, or included in a CPA exam review package. At $159 each, they cover each of the four sections of the CPA exam. They can be purchased together at a discounted rate.

Students praise the audio lectures as a way to review video material and supplement the reading and test simulations. Yaeger audio lectures offer:

  • Unlimited playback
  • Coverage of key exam concepts
  • Individual file or series download

The audio supplements can be downloaded for access from any device at any time.

Get Started with Yaeger CPA !

Yaeger CPA has the best audio lectures to prepare you for the CPA Exam!

Best CPA Review Course on a Budget

Yaeger CPA Review has the largest variety of payment options. You can purchase the course in a few ways:

  • Complete course: $1,649
  • Individual courses: $449
  • Payment plan (based on individual criteria)

In addition to a competitive, set price, you can also choose a subscription. This allows you to access the materials for as long as you pay your monthly fee.

Subscriptions are available for:

  • Bronze: $119/month
  • Silver: $159/month
  • Gold: $189/month

If you are on a budget, one of these might be the right option for you.

Get Started with Yaeger CPA !

Yaeger CPA is the best budget CPA Prep course on the market!

Best CPA Study Combo for Self-Studiers

If you want to study on your own or over a course of time, you want the Wiley CPAexcel review course.

This CPA study course will get you ready as you focus on individual parts of the CPA exam. It is highly efficient and consumable, with micro-learning delivery, unlimited practice exams, and performance metrics.

You will have the ability to track your own progress and use a mobile app or virtual classroom to enhance your learning. Wiley CPAexcel is great for independent learners.

Get Started with Wiley CPA !

Wiley CPA is the best CPA Review course for self-studiers on the market!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions?

Here are some concise answers to common questions about CPA review courses.

Affiliate Note: our partners compensate us for the advice we offer. It is objective and entirely free to you. We feature every test prep and our partnership absolutely does not influence our review. We are committed to accuracy 100 percent of the time. You can use our reviews to make online purchases with confidence.

Which CPA review course is the best?

There are many popular CPA prep courses. Five of the most popular are:

  1. 1
    Gleim CPA Review
  2. 2
    Roger CPA Review
  3. 3
    Surgent CPA Review
  4. 4
    Wiley CPAexcel
  5. 5
    Yaeger CPA Review

Each of these has different features.

Here are some ways that your desired outcomes could impact which course you choose:

  • If you want the most thorough study materials, you should look into Gleim CPA review.
  • If you want the most entertaining and engaging study experience, you should look into Roger CPA Review
  • If you want to study. as fast as possible, you should look into Surgent CPA Review.
  • If you want a live, virtual classroom, you should look into Wiley CPAexcel.
  • If you need affordable, flexible options, you should look into Yaeger CPA Review

How long should I study for the CPA?

Most people dedicate about 400 hours to studying for the CPA exam. How long it takes you to prepare for the CPA exam will depend on a number of lifestyle factors. Whether you are a student in college or a professional, your investment of time will vary based on the review course you choose. Some courses, like Surgent, specialize in maximum efficiency. Others, like Gleim or Roger, focus on depth and retention. You will want to carefully review your options.

Where can I get CPA study material?

You can find materials to study for the CPA exam in online review courses, like the ones covered in this article. Most CPA review courses include materials like textbooks, flashcards, videos, and audio lectures to help you study.

As you study for the CPA exam, you will need materials that reflect the latest AICPA blueprint. The CPA exam has four sections, which are regularly updated. To ensure that you are finding the best and most updated information, you may want to buy a CPA review course that covers the material in an organized way.

The CPA test consists of multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations. You need to practice both of these. A quality CPA exam review will provide relevant and updated exam practice materials. You can purchase many of these programs online.

Which CPA exam is the easiest?

The CPA exam is a standard test that has four parts:

  1. 1
    Auditing & Attestation (AUD)
  2. 2
    Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)
  3. 3
    Regulation (REG)
  4. 4
    Business Environment & Concepts (BEC)

The exam is not designed to be easy. Each of these sections will take four hours. All of these sections must be passed with a minimum score of 75 over the course of 18 months.

It may be essential to purchase a CPA exam review course to help you prepare for this challenging test.

Is the CPA exam hard?

The CPA exam is designed to test your preparedness to enter the challenging field of accounting. It is thorough and requires significant intensive study to pass. Many people don’t pass it on the first try. You will have to work hard to learn the required knowledge to pass the CPA exam.

According to the AICPA, the 2019 pass rates for the four sections of the CPA exam were:

  1. 1
    AUD: 51.01%
  2. 2
    BEC: 59.98%
  3. 3
    FAR: 46.31%
  4. 4
    REG: 56.34%

Some people take the CPA exam several times before scoring high enough to pass.

Why should I become a CPA?

Becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a position that carries both prestige and profitability. You can earn above average income as a CPA. It is also a secure field, as accounting is an integral part of all businesses.

Becoming a CPA allows you to pursue various facets of the profession. These could include:

  • Taxation
  • Auditing
  • Public accounting

These and other areas of expertise will allow you to specialize in your accounting career.

When can I take the CPA exam?

Since July 1st, 2020, the AICPA has moved to a continuous testing schedule. This means you can schedule your CPA exam year-round with almost no restrictions other than downtime for maintenance and implementing test changes.

Scores are released in batches on scheduled dates each month. You can look up target release dates for scores based on your exam date by going here on the AICPA website.

Where can I take the CPA exam?

You can take the CPA exam at any Prometric test center where the exam is offered. You can click here to find nearby test centers and determine if a seat is available at the exam time you are interested in.

What’s the exam registration process for each section?

To register for each section of the CPA exam, you will need to make sure you have addressed all of the following:

  1. 1
    Determined your eligibility (you can visit the NASBA website for guidance)
  2. 2
    Submit your application.
  3. 3
    Once your application is accepted, you will receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS). You will need to schedule your exam within six months of receiving the NTS.

Your NTS information will be used to schedule an exam date and location in Prometric.

What fees do I need to pay to earn my CPA license?

CPA exam requirements vary by state. Many states will require a minimum amount of college-level course hours. You can click here to visit a website that will allow you to view the exam requirements for your state.

Do I need a Bachelor’s degree before I can take the CPA exam?

Services for National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) exams, including the CPA exam, are subject to certain fees.

  1. 1
    Application fees: these vary by state and you can check out the fees for your state on the NASBA website. To get an idea, the average charge is between $100-$200.
  2. 2
    Registration fees: these vary by state and can also be found on the NASBA website. The average exam registration fees are about $300 in total, or less than $100 for each of the four sections.
  3. 3
    CPA exam fees: these also vary by state and can be checked on the NASBA website. The average price for each of the four sections of the CPA exam is around $200. This means that fees for the entire CPA exam may be around $800.

Many people also use a CPA exam review course to prepare for the test. The charge for these can be anywhere from a couple hundred dollars per section to several thousand dollars.

For most people, making that investment to ensure passing the first time is preferable to paying the above fees multiple times.

Learn more about how you can get a discount on a CPA review course by going here.