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Roger CPA Review Course:
Your Guide to Passing the CPA Exam

The Roger CPA Review Course has helped over 200,000 people pass the CPA exam. Since 2001, the goal of Roger Philipp’s CPA program has been to achieve optimal results and the quickest path to success.

Affiliate Note: We have an affiliate relationship with all products reviewed on this page. If you make a purchase through one of our links we will be paid a commission. This is done at no additional cost to you – in fact, we work hard to get you the best discounts possible for each course. See our full affiliate disclosure here.

The founder set out to make learning CPA content more enjoyable while maximizing retention. He developed teaching methods based on engagement -- then added technology to predict the most effective study plan for each individual.

The approach taken by this test prep is to provide extensive practice, engaging instruction, and time-saving focus, helping you learn how to study for the CPA exam effectively.

This Roger CPA Review guide will help you decide if it’s the right course for you. Read on to learn about the pros and cons, key features, and what makes this prep course unique.

You can also check out our CPA Course Comparison to see how Roger stacks up against other popular CPA courses.

Roger CPA Course Pros and Cons

The Roger CPA Review course is praised for being efficient and effective. Roger partners with hundreds of organizations, including some major corporations and universities. Partner organizations can offer their employees customized courses and a Roger CPA discount.

Of the published customer reviews on their website, the Roger CPA Review averages a five-star rating. As a test prep company, users overwhelmingly find their programs helpful. Standout features in the reviews point out a few unique features, including:

  • Emails to notify and encourage users at different points of progress
  • Summary charts in the textbook
  • Predictive technology to reduce course time
  • Easy to understand content
  • Highly motivating learning process

Here are the pros and cons of the Roger CPA Review:

Roger CPA Pros

  • Engaging video lectures
  • Excellent audio CPA review
  • Mnemonics and memorization strategies
  • Course available both online or offline via USB
  • Student discount

Roger CPA Cons

  • Limited course access
  • Time limitation
  • Software functionality

Roger CPA Review Pros

Engaging video lectures

Roger CPA videos have both broad and specific options. Free videos can be found on their website. Video lectures included with the purchased exam prep package cover each of the four main sections of the CPA exam, as well as numerous subsections and categories. This comprehensive content will cover everything that you will need to know to take the test. Closed captioning and adjustable lecture speeds are available for enhanced customization.

Excellent audio CPA review

In addition to a full library of video content, the Roger CPA Review also has audio learning. They promote this kind of learning as a key method for as many as 30% of learners. The Roger Audio Course will help you work every available minute to study for the test. Users can immerse themselves in the most targeted portions of the test material, reinforcing what they’ve learned in the other course materials.

Mnemonics and memorization strategies

The Roger CPA Review heavily emphasizes mnemonics and other strategies for memorizing large quantities of material. This study support is invaluable for many students and enhances retention of important concepts. There are real memory tricks and strategies that users will learn during this course. During the pressure of real testing, this practice can contribute to success.

Course available both online or offline via USB

Unlike many of its competitors, the Roger CPA Review is available both online and offline when downloaded. This flexibility is a powerful tool if you have sporadic wifi access or travel. The Roger CPA app and the Roger CPA offline lectures are both valuable resources for study. Offline materials can be obtained by purchasing an external, USB hard drive from Roger. Having access to course materials offline is a huge pro for many people.

Student discount

Previous students of the Roger CPA Review may qualify for a price reduction. The Roger CPA Review cost cut for students may be several hundred dollars. In addition to discounts for previous students, you may qualify for a fresh start discount, partner firm discount, or finance with monthly payments. All of these are helpful options for people who are making a budget-conscious decision for their CPA exam studies.

Roger CPA Review Cons

Limited course access

While many aspects of the Roger CPA Review are now available offline through USB, not all of the materials are accessible this way. This means that some users will be unable to access the content until they renew an internet connection. This can be a barrier to people who anticipate studying in multiple locations or want to do cram sessions while on the go.

Time limitation

Roger CPA Review is only available for a limited time. Depending on the package you purchase, you may have continued access for 12-18 months. To extend access, you will be required to pay an extra fee. Some students find the time limit to be a barrier, especially if they require a re-take or are busy professionals with a shifting timeline for taking the CPA exam. It should be noted that the most expensive course (the elite package) does include unlimited access.

Software functionality

The Roger CPA Review uses UWorld, which provides software and technology. This was the company that engineered Roger’s trademarked SmartPath™ and powers most of its software. As of January 2020, there have been numerous glitches and issues. These may just be due to the novelty of system updates but could be a con to students who are in a hurry to get started.

Roger CPA Review Course Subscription Comparison

There are three ways to purchase the Roger CPA Review course. The first is to purchase individual categories for the CPA Exam. These four sections can be purchased and studied separately with a 12-month subscription, after which you pay for continued access. 

The other two options include a four-part CPA exam review. The premier option offers course access for 18 months and the elite option offers unlimited course access.

Here is a comparison of the packages available for purchase:


Individual Part

Premier 4-Part




6-month Subscription



18-month Subscription



Access Until You Pass

Financing Available

6,000+ Questions

Hundreds of Task-based Simulations

Customized Practice Tests

AICPA Blueprint Related Curriculum

100+ Hours of Video Lectures

SmartPath Predictive Technology

Digital Flashcards

Customized Study Planner

Mobile App

Downloadable Video Lectures

Audio Lectures

Practice Tests

Performance Tracking

Improvement Tracking

Expert Help Study Hub

Digital Textbooks

Print Textbooks

Roger CPA Cram Course

Expert Deck of Digital Flashcards


Affiliate Note: We have an affiliate relationship with all products reviewed on this page. If you make a purchase through one of our links we will be paid a commission. This is done at no additional cost to you – in fact, we work hard to get you the best discounts possible for each course. See our full affiliate disclosure here.

Roger CPA Course Discounts

There are many Roger CPA promo codes and CPA Coupons or specials that can provide course discounts. The four ongoing deals include:

  • Fresh start: students who have been unsuccessful with other study programs may choose to switch to the Roger CPA Review at a reduced rate.
  • Partners: if your company partners with the Roger CPA Review, you may be eligible to purchase a package at a discounted price.
  • Financing: Roger CPA uses Affirm as a way to provide financing and monthly payments to its customers.
  • Previous students: former students of the Roger CPA Review can receive a discount when they purchase the course.

Who is this course best for?

One of the key selling points for the Roger CPA Review is entertaining content. The video lectures vary in length and cover a lot of material. Most importantly, they are taught by Roger, who is dynamic and engaging.

For people who struggle with traditional study methods, engaging videos can be an effective study tool. If you are not academically oriented, get bored easily, or need to study as efficiently as possible, the Roger CPA Review may be right for you.

Roger CPA Review Pass Rate

Front and center on the Roger CPA Review’s website is the claim that they have a 91% pass rate. There is no online explanation for this statistic. Anecdotally, it is clear that most people who use the Roger CPA Review to study do, in fact, pass the CPA exam.

Roger claims that there are three reasons for this high success rate:

  • Helping students understand why and how they arrive at correct answers, enabling them to think critically.
  • Engaging, active instruction by Roger himself.
  • Time-saving tools in the form of the SmartPath Predictive Technology™.

Roger CPA Course Features

The Roger CPA test prep is a good fit for many students. Course features include a competitive array of simulations and creative content delivery in video and audio lectures. An interactive mobile app is also available.

This course is also consistently updated with the latest in the AICPA blueprint, ensuring that the exam prep materials are relevant and current. There is a free trial available that gives users seven days to preview the interface and materials. During this free trial, you will gain access to the course and decide if its numerous features are the right tools to help you pass the CPA exam.

Here are the key features of the Roger CPA Review in more detail.

100+ hours of video lectures, 40+ hours of audio lectures

The Roger CPA Review has over 100 hours of video lectures by Roger himself. He is lively, personable, and engaging. Many students choose this course for that reason alone, as this level of engagement can aid retention.

There are also over 40 hours of audio lectures. These are relatively new, and can be accessed on mobile devices for streaming at any time. Audio content can enhance learning and reinforce material that students have watched and read.

NEW SmartPath™ technology

Roger CPA Review uses SmartPath Predictive Technology™. It’s a relatively new feature, and follows the trend of algorithmic learning. Predictive technology helps users speed through content they’ve already mastered, and focus on areas of weakness.

This software is one of the key ways that Roger accelerates students’ progress and offers a more efficient user experience.

Electronic and physical textbooks

Like many of its competitors, Roger CPA Review offers both digital and printed textbooks. With different packages, you can receive one or both of these to supplement learning.

All ebooks can be downloaded to a smart device for mobile reading. These are regularly updated to reflect any changes in the AICPA blueprint and course materials. Users can also get Roger CPA flashcards in digital form to recap the textbook material.

6,200 multiple choice questions and task-based simulations

The Roger CPA question bank was among the first features to be released in the app. The library of multiple choice questions is not the largest in the industry but it is up-to-date with the most recent AICPA exam questions.

The app lets users practice these questions in a simulated environment. Additionally, users can:

  • Set the quiz length
  • Choose what a quiz will cover
  • View solution explanations
  • Hide or show a timer
  • Bookmark questions they need to learn
  • See the score as they progress through the quiz
  • Retake quizzes based on problem areas

Task-based simulations (TSBs) are on three of the four sections of the CPA exam. In each section, there may be up to seven questions like this, often in the form of case studies. Roger CPA Review includes example TSBs and an additional focus on critical thinking skills.

CPA Exam Simulator with unlimited full-length practice exams

The CPA exam simulator is a valuable feature of the Roger CPA Review. It helps users prepare for the exam by sitting for the full duration in practice tests.

Themed quizzes lead up to the full practice test, so users can see when they are ready to try a practice test. Once the software indicates test readiness, a simulated test helps develop the right skills and pacing to succeed in the real CPA exam.

Homework help center access

Support for studying is available through the Roger CPA Homework Help Center (HHC). This online forum provides around-the-clock access to study help. Expert moderators can assist with quick answers and guidance.

There are over 17,000 pre-loaded questions in the Help Center, submitted by previous students. A search bar makes finding answers to your questions easy. It’s important to note that if you’ve only purchased the select course package, you may have a view-only access to the HHC.

Customizable study planners

Roger CPA Review has the motto, “if you study, you will pass.” This mantra is revisited over and over again and is the foundation to their program. To that end, the program includes a customized study planner.

Programmatically, you create your planner at the beginning of your CPA exam study. There are a few steps and features:

  • Set a date you plan to take the CPA exam
  • Schedule the CPA exam
  • Create your individualized study plan
  • Blackout the months you will be studying, leaving review days
  • Plan for either a three-month, six-month, or 9-month study timeframe

Other tips include finding a study partner who is following a similar calendar and plan to change aspects of your lifestyle to make time for studying.

Free material updates

For as long as a user accesses their course materials—either for the purchased duration or a paid extension—the content will be current.

This requires ongoing updates to reflect the AICPA blueprint. What that means is, as the CPA exam itself is updated, the Roger CPA Review materials will be updated too.

Regularly updated materials include:

  • New or updated task-based simulations
  • New or updated multiple-choice questions
  • New or updated electronic textbook materials
  • New PDF updates to supplement print textbooks

Bonus cram course content

The elite package of the Roger CPA Review has a four-part cram course. The Roger CPA cram course is heavily discussed online and often mentioned in their online reviews.

The cram course has proven invaluable as the most concentrated approach to study for the CPA exam. Many people have found this intensive resource to be instrumental in helping them pass the test.

Unlimited course access

The elite package for the Roger CPA Review is the only option that offers unlimited access to the course materials. The other purchase options are available in a limited time frame.

If you purchase the individual courses (that follow the four categories of the CPA exam), you will have access for 12 months. If you buy the premier bundle, you will have access for 18 months.

Both of these timelines can be extended before they expire by six months for $100 per section.

Offline lectures available on a USB drive

One pro to the Roger CPA Review is that you can access some materials offline. The process for this is to purchase an external USB drive from Roger. On this supplied USB device, you will find all the video and audio lectures.

This does mean, however, that you will have to shift the files around if you want to access them on a mobile, tablet, or any device that doesn’t have a USB port.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about Roger CPA Review?

You’ll find some answers in these FAQs:

How helpful is Roger CPA Review?

The Roger CPA Review has helped over 200,000 students pass the CPA exam. Their website claims to have a 91% pass rate. Students find the digital and print materials helpful for preparing for the test. There are a variety of video and audio lectures as well as interactive quizzes. Packages can be purchased that will provide intensive, targeted study materials for every section of the CPA exam.

How much is Roger CPA Review?

The Roger CPA Review can be purchased in individual categories for $649 each. Currently, you may get the premier package for $1599 or the elite package for $1799, with the appropriate discount code. Financing is available for all three options.

Roger CPA Review pass exam: how many times will it take?

The Roger CPA Review prides itself on an excellent pass rate of 91%. The intuitive, predictive software will help users take the CPA exam only when they are truly ready. This ensures better test performance and should diminish the possibility of numerous tries.

How to use Roger CPA Review study planner

The customizable study planner is a key feature for the Roger CPA Review. Users can input their exam date and then schedule out three, six, or 9 months of study time. Blackout dates and other scheduling features are available. This provides essential structure to the process of intensively preparing for the CPA exam.

How to play Roger CPA Review offline lectures

Offline lectures are available when you purchase an external hard drive. This will have a USB that you can plug into your computer. Downloaded video and audio materials will be available on the hard drive.

Which Roger CPA Review should I get?

The elite package is the most popular of the Roger CPA Review options. It provides the most comprehensive study resources as well as the four-part cram course.

If you have limited funds or don’t need the extra print and digital materials, the lower-priced premier course may be the right choice. In the event that you need specialized concentration in only one or two areas of the CPA exam, you may want to choose the individual offerings for the lowest price.