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Wiley CPAexcel: A Comprehensive Review

When you are preparing for the CPA course, you want a review course that will maximize your valuable time.

Is Wiley CPA Review the right choice? Let's find out.

Known as Wiley CPAexcel, this CPA test prep course delivers content in “bite-sized lessons” – 30-minute micro-learning opportunities. And with a 90 percent pass rate, it’s one of the most popular CPA test prep choices.

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Affiliate Note: We have an affiliate relationship with all products reviewed on this page. If you make a purchase through one of our links we will be paid a commission. This is done at no additional cost to you – in fact, we work hard to get you the best discounts possible for each course. See our full affiliate disclosure here.

Wiley Efficient Learning™ is a test prep company and global content provider for professional development in numerous industries. Wiley review courses emphasize the efficient use of study time for busy students and professionals.

This article provides a detailed review of the Wiley CPA exam prep course, including all the features, benefits, and drawbacks. By the end, you’ll know everything you need to make a decision about your CPA test prep.

For a comparison of Wiley CPA Review against other CPA courses, check out our CPA Course Comparison guide or our detailed Surgent vs Wiley CPA Course comparison.

Wiley CPA Review Course: The Pros and Cons

Wiley CPA Excel does not compromise depth in its micro-delivery of content.

It has numerous benefits:

  • Support: A qualified support team is available for students.
  • Ease of use: Mobile solutions ensure ease of use and consistent access to content.
  • Tracking: Benchmark data reporting helps you track your progress.
  • Feedback: Tools are provided to help students identify and focus on weak areas.
  • Study plan: A useful exam planner helps you pace your studying and adhere to your timeline.

Wiley Efficient Learning™ CPA prep course has pros and cons. Like any test prep company or review curriculum, it aims to help you score well on a test.

The CPA review course is segmented to simplify the process and help busy students and professionals move through the content at their own pace.

Wiley CPAexcel Pros and Cons

Here’s a deeper look at the benefits and drawbacks of the CPAexcel program.

Wiley Pros

  • 14-Day Free trial
  • Bite-sized learning approach
  • Unlimited access (until you pass)
  • Student discounts
  • 9/10 pass rate + big 4 endorsement
  • Short lectures
  • Best analytical tools
  • Financing options available

Wiley Cons

  • Primarily for PC-based users

Wiley CPAexcel Pros

14-Day Free trial

If you want to investigate the Wiley CPA exam prep, you can sign up for a free trial.

The Wiley CPA free trial gives you access to learn about the company or review the course.

The trial includes access to study materials, preview of the mobile platform, and simulations of tasks. This will help you get a feel for whether this program is right for you.

Bite-sized learning approach

Wiley CPAexcel has created a program that gives you efficient opportunities to learn. This platform helps you achieve your career goals with quick, powerful lessons.

Bite-sized learning is research-backed and can be highly effective for retaining knowledge. This delivery is optimal for busy students or professionals who can dedicate a limited amount of time to studying.

Unlimited access (until you pass)

Wiley CPAexcel promises unlimited access until you pass the test. As their coursework is updated with the AICPA Blueprint, you will always have the most up-to-date information. This also gives you flexibility and relieves you of any worry.

The timeline is self-driven and the intuitive program will alert you when your skills reflect exam readiness.

Student discounts

Yes, Wiley CPAexcel offers student discounts! These discounts are applied to its full-service platform. The platform will prepare you for passing the exam.

You will access multimedia content, like video lectures and digital flashcards, that help you memorize the material. A knowledgeable support staff and internal metrics will help you track your progress until you complete the program.

9/10 pass rate + big 4 endorsement

Notably, Wiley CPAexcel reports a 90 percent pass rate for the CPA exam. The national average is under 50 percent.

Wiley records which students completed their content, and matches student responses after they have passed or failed the CPA exam. Wiley is one of the only companies that publish both the pass rate and details for how they obtain these numbers.

Short lectures

There are over 140 hours of video lectures. Many of these are broken down into short videos, following Wiley CPA Review's trend of micro-delivery. Content is highly consumable in this shorter format.

Over 12,000 test questions correspond to these lecture videos. This synthesized approach can instill the concepts so a student can recall them more efficiently.

Best analytical tools

Wiley CPAexcel is always refining its offering through improved tools. One of the features it is best known for is its analytical tools. These apply to many different stages in the learning process.

Analysis is available for each multiple choice question in the Wiley test bank. Ongoing analysis helps students understand when they are ready to take the CPA exam. Additionally, their Audit Data Analytics (ADAs) inform fresh content, which is accessible for every course participant.

Financing options available

If the price is a barrier, you can obtain financing through Wiley’s Paypal credit partnership.

Because this is the only financing option currently available, some customers may see this as a con – we see Wiley's Paypal credit partnership as a huge positive.

If you have insufficient credit or don’t wish to go this route, you could try to contact the company directly to see what discounts you are eligible for.

Wiley CPA Review Cons

Primarily for PC-based users

Wiley CPAexcel has many additional resources for its users. However, most of its resources are optimized for PC-based users. This can be a drawback for some customers.

While most of their content is mobile-friendly, navigation is best on a personal computer. For some students, this changes their ability to take advantage of the micro-learning features.

Who should take this course?

Wiley CPAexcel is ideal for people who don’t have large amounts of time to commit to learning. In other words, this program is best for anyone trying to schedule exam prep around other commitments like work, school, or family.

Because of its unique content delivery, this course is a powerful opportunity to pass the CPA exam with efficient, effective studying. With short, frequent sessions, you can achieve the same learning results as more traditional methods.

Wiley CPA Course Format

Wiley CPAexcel offers three different course options: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Options comes with extra support and content depending on which one you choose. The course format is fairly standard across all three, and includes multimedia content, such as videos and multiple-choice questions.

Reviews, illustrations, and animations keep the lessons vibrant and memorable. Study texts and progress reports are available to support every learning style and achieve results.

Wiley CPAexcel Features

140 video lecture hours

Professional, engaging videos will deliver instructor-led content. These are available as streaming videos but can also be downloaded.

All of the videos are mobile-friendly and can be viewed on a computer or smart device. The content in these videos directly corresponds to study texts, review questions, and flashcards.

12,000 practice questions and task-based simulations

Wiley CPAexcel has test questions that include AICPA released questions. This ensures that the learner is memorizing content that is most relevant for the current CPA exam. With a premium account, you get access to over 12,000 practice questions.

Task-based simulations reinforce how the concepts are applied and hone the critical thinking skills you need to pass the exam.

Virtual classroom videos

Live, virtual classrooms provide real-time streaming with professional instructors. These classroom videos give you access to discussions about the CPA exam’s most challenging questions.

You can view live instruction and archived footage. This content integrates with your exam plan and provides a platform for classmate collaboration.

Assistance from professors

CPA exam training professionals are accessible through the Wiley CPAexcel program. Highly-qualified professors and experts in each subject are available for mentoring, and support staff can help you with any issues that come up before your exam.

As a bonus, you also have access to archived discussions for quick answers to your questions.

CPA textbooks, flashcards, and focus notes

CPA textbooks, flashcards, and focus notes
In addition to its mobile-based course offerings, you can buy Wiley textbooks that coordinate with your digital course material. These supplements can be a valuable source of learning for users who prefer traditional books.

Printed flashcards can be ordered that reflect the 4,000 digital flashcards available for download. Digital or print focus notes help users memorize acronyms and formulas.

Access until you pass

Wiley CPAexcel doesn’t expire. You retain access to the materials until you pass the CPA exam.

This allows you to track your progress and then revisit areas in which you performed poorly on the test. This access ensures that you will succeed.

Wiley CPAexcel Review Courses Price Comparison

Wiley CPAexcel offers three packages for purchase. These include different features.

Each course is updated yearly to reflect the latest and best information for exam preparation.

Affiliate Note: We have an affiliate relationship with all products reviewed on this page. If you make a purchase through one of our links we will be paid a commission. This is done at no additional cost to you – in fact, we work hard to get you the best discounts possible for each course. See our full affiliate disclosure here.

Wiley CPAexcel Discounts

Wiley CPAexcel offers discounts for eligible students. The two discounts they currently offer are:

  • 20 percent discount for students
  • 25 percent discount code

Wiley Efficient Learning™ frequently offers additional deals to offset the price of their programs. While their website doesn’t feature additional discounts at this time, you can visit the site directly for updated specials and current offers.

Is Wiley CPAexcel Review Good?

Wiley CPAexcel has an impressive success rate and glowing reviews from numerous users. While it has only been in the marketplace for a few years, it has quickly become a standard for test prep services.

Our accurate, truthful, and objective take is that the Wiley CPAexcel is an excellent test prep program for people with limited time. They have impressive expert professors who provide practice questions, quality content, and coaching. The company has an excellent support team and are passionate about helping people succeed.

If you are still in doubt that Wiley CPAexcel is the best course for you, take a look at our CPA Course comparison between Surgent CPA and Wiley to best determine what's most suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about Wiley CPAexcel?

You’ll find some answers in these FAQs:

How much does Wiley CPA Review cost?

The Wiley CPAexcel programs are offered at discounted rates. You will currently pay between $1,499-$2,199 to buy a program.

Does Wiley CPA Review expire?

One notable feature of Wiley CPAexcel is that you have unlimited access until you pass. This means that you continue to benefit from the platform until you have successfully completed the CPA exam.

Does Wiley CPA offer financing?

The CPA Exam Blueprints are updated every six months. The Wiley CPAexcel program updates its program accordingly, to provide the most accurate training. Every January and April, the exam is updated to reflect testing changes.

Which CPA exam is the easiest?

Wiley CPAexcel is competitive with Becker. In comparison, these are some features that set Wiley apart:

  1. 1
    More multiple-choice questions and actual AICPA examples
  2. 2
    More task-based simulations (TSBs)
  3. 3
    Bite-sized lessons that last 45 minutes or less
  4. 4
    A team of esteemed professors
  5. 5
    Unlimited practice exams
  6. 6
    A wider variety of learning tools

The Wiley CPA review is also priced lower than either Becker or Roger.

What is the difference between Wiley CPA January and April exam review?

The CPA Exam Blueprints are updated every six months. The Wiley CPAexcel program updates its program accordingly, to provide the most accurate training. Every January and April, the exam is updated to reflect testing changes.

Which Wiley CPA Review version should I get?

Each of the three Wiley CPAexcel programs have benefits. The most comprehensive program is the most popular.

You can go here to see the cost and feature comparison of each program.

What you lose by choosing a less expensive program is access to the virtual classroom, online test bank, focus notes, and printed flashcards.